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Terms & Conditions - It's The Small Print...

Like most businesses, we work to a set of terms and conditions. And like everything that we do with our clients we like to keep it simple and easy.

Our terms and conditions are essentially the rules that we use in our relationship with you, our customer. It’s us promising to do certain things and you promising to do things too. You’ll be asked to confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.

If there is anything in our terms and conditions that you don’t understand or don’t want to agree to, then please discuss the matter with us.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Version 1.8 - Effective from 7 February 2017

1 Instructors On Time for Lessons.

Your driving instructor will invariably arrive at the agreed meeting place for your lesson on time. We always aim to leave sufficient time between appointments to give instructors time to arrive with you without having to rush.

If your instructor is going to be late due to traffic etc. he/she will not call you or text you unless he/she believes they are going to be late by more than ten minutes. This is because they will not drive and use a phone at the same time, not even hands free. It would also slow them down further if they pull over to contact you. If your instructor thinks that he/she is likely to be more than ten minutes late then they will pull over to contact you and let you know how late they think they are going to be.

If your instructor is late for a lesson, he/she will make up the extra time by extending the current or a future lesson at a time when it’s convenient for both you and your instructor.

2 Students On Time for Lessons.

We appreciate that it’s not just us who can be late, so if you are not available for a lesson at the agreed meeting place at the agreed time, your instructor will wait for at least ten minutes and during this time he/she will try to contact you. After ten minutes, unless he/she has heard from you, they may leave the meeting place and the lesson will be deemed to have been cancelled with no notice. If you are late for a lesson, the lesson may still end at the planned time and you will still be charged for the full lesson. Your instructor may at his/her discretion extend the lesson to help to make up the time, this however may not be an option.

3 Paying For Your Lessons.

We ask that all clients to pay on or before the day of your lesson. We’re happy to receive payment by bank transfer or by mobile phone using Pingit or PayM. If your lessons take place on weekends or your bank takes time to process a payment please ensure you pay early enough for us to receive cleared funds on or before the day of your lesson. If you need to go with your instructor to a bank or cash machine in order to pay, please tell your instructor at the start of your lesson as it may affect the route your instructor has planned. Your instructor may not have sufficient time between lessons to allow for journeys to banks or cash machines and therefore such journeys will take place in your lesson time.

4 Block Bookings and Refunds.

We offer a discount for block payments of ten lessons or more paid for in advance. If you have paid for any lessons that you don’t take, we will refund any money owed to you. Because you will have received a discount for a block payment, we will recalculate what you would have paid and refund the difference. So for example, if you book ten lessons at £490 and only take a single two-hour lesson, we would charge you £50 for your lesson (the single lesson rate). We would therefore refund the balance to you

5 Late Payments.

We deem you to have paid us only when we have received cleared funds into our account or when you have paid in cash.

Payments made for a lesson after the day of the lesson and within 30 days of the lesson are charged at the current pay-as-you-go rate plus £5.

Payments made for a lesson after 30 days from the date of the lesson are charged at the current pay-as-you-go rate plus £20 interest may also be charged on a daily basis.

where a payment is late by 7 days or more, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your training and we may cancel any driving test booking made by us on your behalf. If we do cancel your test due to late payment, we will charge you a £10 test cancellation fee.

6 Credit.

We do not currently offer credit. If you require credit to pay for your lessons, we would recommend talking to a respected lender such as a bank or building society etc. or get advice from a financial advisor.

7 Cancelling Lessons.

If we are unable to attend a lesson, we will try to talk to you beforehand to re-arrange the lesson. Where we are unable to do this, we will give you as much notice as we reasonably can. We will also offer to book a lesson as close to the original lesson as is convenient for both you and your instructor.

If you need to cancel a lesson we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice. If we do not receive 24 hours notice you will be required to pay for the lesson in full.

8 Theory Tests and Practical Driving Tests.

We are happy to book practical driving test on your behalf. We do not charge an admin fee for booking driving tests, you pay us the same amount as you would pay the DVSA for the test, which is exactly the same amount that we pay. We will require payment of the fee in full when requested. Failing to pay the fee on time may result in us cancelling your test, this is to enable us to receive a refund from the DVSA. If we do cancel your test due to you not paying us the test fee, we will charge you a £10 test cancellation fee.

Your driving instructor and the training car may be available for practical driving tests strictly by appointment. We make a charge of three hours at your normal lesson rate for use of the vehicle, and your driving instructors time. This includes a two hour preparation lesson (starting two hours before your test) and your test.

Your driving instructor has sole discretion in determining whether the instructor and/or the training vehicle will be made available for your practical driving test. Your driving instructor’s decision in this matter is final.

9 The Training Vehicles.

We make sure that our training vehicles are in good condition. Your instructor takes a pride in presenting the training vehicle in a clean, well maintained condition.

In all of our cars we provide individual, sealed bottles of spring water for your refreshment. Each car also has pocket tissue packs for your use. If you open any of these, please take them with you otherwise they will be disposed of.

No one is allowed to smoke or vape in a training vehicle at any time and under any circumstances. We ask all pupils not to eat in the training vehicle.

You share the training car with your instructor and a number of other people, we therefore ask smokers to refrain from smoking within 20 minutes of the start of your lesson.

10 Complaints Procedure.

If you do have any complaints, it may be easier for you, in the first instance, to talk to your instructor. If you feel that you’d rather speak to someone else that’s fine too, just call 01484 94 00 00.


In addition to these terms and conditions, each of our instructors has agreed with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to abide by the Driving Instructors’ Code of Practice.

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