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Driving Test - After The Test - Avoiding Penalty Points...

Having got your full driving licence it would be a shame to have it taken away. Newly qualified drivers should think about their first two years as a trial period - you are being given the opportunity to prove that you are a responsible driver with the right attitude.

You have two years in which to prove that you deserve to keep your licence, should you fail then you will lose the right to drive.

So what do you need to do to make sure you keep your licence. Well that's easy, all you have to do is not get more than six points on your licence withing the first two years. How can you do this? Well that's easy too, and you have spent time and money learning it. You should approach your driving like you might expect a good driver to approach it. Driving courteously and setting an example (not showing off) to others will get you on the right track. Look for opportunities to share the roadspace sensibly and courteously.

Always drive within the law (not only within the speed limits). Only drive when you are sure you are fit to drive - this includes

  • being in the right frame of mind
  • don't drive whist tired; take a break, drink a couple of cups of coffee and take a nap
  • not driving when feeling so unwell that it could affect your driving
  • never driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs (even some prescription drugs can affect your driving)
  • never allow yourself to be goaded into a driving style that's dangerous

If you have been trained by BAMBOO, first and foremost you were trained to drive (rather than to just pass a test). We do it this way so thay you are perfectly able to demonstrate your capability on a practical driving test and to drive safely after the test. Having learned to drive is the first achievement in your lifelong driving skills development. You'll also be aware that unless you do something stupid like drink driving, your inexperience is the most likely thing to let you down. You should remember that to become a really good driver takes experience AND the right attitude, only when these two things are combined can you expect to become a better driver - so don't lose this great opportunity to become a really good driver.

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