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Driving Test - After The Test - Motorway Driving...

Motorway driving is something that you are not allowed to do until you've passed your test. The knowledge and skill required for motorway driving is different to the driving you did whilst learning to drive. And we think it's important that every driver is given the opportunity to be introduced to these skills.

You may be considering taking a Pass Plus course - which includes some motorway driving, but upon completing a full training program with us and passing your driving test, as a BAMBOO pupil you'll be offered the opportunity to book a discounted motorway training lesson

You will be introduced to a series of important conditions that are specific to motorway driving including

  • joining a motorway
  • speed and relative speed
  • queueing traffic
  • braking
  • lane discipline
  • use of signals including hazard warning lights
  • overtaking and being overtaken
  • using service areas
  • breakdown and emergency procedures
  • exiting a motorway

For drivers who have not had their entire training with us there is a fee of £99 for this motorway driving lesson.

BAMBOO Driver Training Car - Audi A1

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