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Driving Test - Before The Test - Bad Weather...

Whilst it's unusual, driving tests will be cancelled by the test centre if the weather conditions are so bad. In fairness, it would be unwise to conduct driving tests when Police and the various motoring agencies are advising people not to drive. If the weather bad on your test day BAMBOO pupils can call the test centre or their driving instructor who will find out whether your test is cancelled or not.

If your test is cancelled or terminated by the the DVSA due to weather, usually your test will automatically be rebooked. Your new booking will normally be sent to you within 3 working days, or 7 working days if bad weather is prolonged. You can't claim for out of pocket expenses. If the DVSA cancels a test at short notice for reasons other than bad weather, you may be able to claim out of pocket expenses.

If your test can't be completed for some other reason e.g. you feel unwell, or your car breaks down, you will need to book another test for which the DVSA will charge. If you are using our car, and your test can't continue due to a fault with the car, we will pay for your re‑test and provide the car for the re‑test without charge.

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