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Driving Test - Before The Test - Pre Test Lesson

If you're taking your test in a BAMBOO car, you will usually have a pre test lesson booked. This lesson would normally start 1½ hours before your test, and finishes with enough time to have a short break for your final preparations for your driving test.

This pre test lesson gives you the opportunity to cover any items that you feel you would like to clarify or perhaps some manoeuvres that you want to practice, but most importantly it's about helping you to gain confidence just before your driving test.

You will have had a conversation with your driving instructor (perhaps in your previous driving lesson) about whether you would like your instructor to be in the car whilst you are on your test. You've probably had some time to think about it and you can let your instructor know at the last minute if you wish, but it's worth having a chat about it at this stage just so that you have had every opportunity to think about what you prefer. Some people think that they would find this distracting, in truth most people seem to forget that the instructor is there. It's also nice to have a another friendly face in the car. We say another because most test candidates find that their examiners are really nice. And while we thinks it's better for you to have your instructor present, the choice is entirely yours and your instructor will fully understand and will genuinely support you in whichever choice you make.

This pre test is your opportunity to

  • Ask your instructor about anything that you are not clear about
  • Get some last minute confidence on any manoeuvres that you feel appropriate
  • Get your mind into a positive state
  • Get any last minute tips from your instructor

And finally... just remember, if your instructor believes you are ready for your test, you've got every chance of passing.

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