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Driving Test - Booking A Test - Let Us Book It Or You Book It...

Booking your test can be done in ten minutes online, but as a BAMBOO pupil, we're happy to book it for you if you prefer. We don't make a charge for booking for you, you just pay the fee that we pay to The DVSA.

If we book it for you, your driving instructor will be aware of the date of your test and will be monitoring your progress and planning lessons to try to make the best use of your lessons prior to your test. There is also the possibility that if you can't take your test, we can slot another pupil into your appointment, freeing up their appointment for you or someone else.

Why don't we charge a fee for making a booking?

We do charge the test fee which we pay to the DVSA but we don't charge for making the booking on your behalf. You can book it online yourself, but if it helps to make life easier we're happy to do it for you because we think it's the little things like this that makes us different.

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