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After your test the examiner will tell you whether you've passed or failed. If your driving instructor was not in the car during your test, the examiner will ask you if you would like your driving instructor to be present for the de‑brief. It's a good idea to have your instructor present so that you can both discuss what was covered in the de‑brief. Assuming you've passed, you will probably want to be with your friends or family to celebrate your success. And your instructor will gladly chauffeur you home.

If you fail - it's even more important to have your driving instructor present at the de‑brief because your instructor is likely to be more receptive to the feedback from the examiner, and will be better placed to help you with remedying any problems. You are also assured of a chauffeur drive home.

After a pass - your BAMBOO driving instructor will offer you a voucher to book a free motorway driving lesson. And you'll receive a full 12 months membership of the BAMBOO Drivers Club.

We'd like to think that you'd be keen to tell your friends how well you've done and of course, don't forget when you tell them about BAMBOO Driver Training. To show our appreciation, when your friends book a block of 10 or more lessons with us - we will send you £20 to say thank you.

Normally the test ends at the test centre. You will be relieved that the test is now complete. In certain circumstances, the test may be aborted, which can result in you and the examiner walking back to the test centre. If this happens try not to worry - your driving instructor will want to help you to resolve any issues.

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