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Lessons - Bookings and Cancellations - Bad Weather...

If the weather is too bad for your driving lesson to go ahead, your driving instructor will try to call you to tell you, if you're not available to answer your phone, your instructor will inform you by test message. We will try to give you as much notice as possible. Sometimes, due to rapid changing road conditions, as can happen for example, in a heavy snowfall, it may be necessary to make the decision to cancel at short notice. We don't charge you for any lesson cancelled due to bad weather.

What if bad weather is forecast

If the weather forecast indicates that the weather will not be fit for driving and the police and motoring organisations are advising people not to drive, your driving instructor may cancel on the strength of the forecast or warnings. If the conditions fail to materialise, you will be given the choice of having your lesson or not. This is because you may have made alternative plans when your driving instructor told you that your lesson may be cancelled. Under these circumstances we will not charge for the lesson if you choose not to take it.

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