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Booking Your First Lesson

To book your first lesson, just call on 01484 94 00 00 and we can make your booking.

Booking Further Lessons

Most people find it convenient to have their driving lessons on the same days and times each week. Once you have arranged this with us, after each lesson your driving instructor will confirm the date and time of your next lesson.

Making Block Bookings

To make a block booking call us now on 01484 94 00 00 or you can book with your driving instructor. Block bookings of ten lessons are a great way to manage your bookings, the benefits of block bookings include

  • you save money
  • you're not having to pay every lesson

Changing or Cancelling Lessons

There may be times when you need to change an appointment, if that's the case, just give us a call. All we ask is that you give us 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. For full details of bookings and cancellations see our terms and conditions.

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