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If you're studying for your theory test, you'll find the BAMBOO online theory test system indispensable, it helps by testing your knowledge with mock tests. Which helps in three ways

  • improve your understanding by seeing the answers to questions that you answered incorrectly
  • practice the tests giving you an opportunity to know what to expect, which can help to aleviate aprehension
  • see your progress over time, which encourages you to do better

If you've passed your theory test, congratulations! That's one less hurdle to concentrate on.

Many pupils are fortunate enough to have someone willing to accompany them for driving practice between lessons and there is a special section with advice for accompanying drivers in The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive. If you have someone willing to accompany you, they are more than welcone to talk with your driving instructor about the part they will be playing in your tuition.

A motivated pupil, with a well informed accompanying driver, and your Approved Driving Instructor all working together will generally enhanced the training experience for you.

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