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Theory Tests - On The Day Of Your Test - Dealing With Nerves...

We hope that you don't find the theory test experience too nerve-racking. However, if you think you may suffer from nerves, we've got a few tips that might help to reassure you. The first thing to remember is that if you've been using the BAMBOO online resources to help prepare you for your theory tests, you'll have every chance of passing with ease. You will also be very familiar with the style of the tests, so when you come to sit them, you will probably find that you start to relax more.

When we are nevous, it does affect our performance, but when you take your theory tests, no one is watching over you and you'll probably find that this helps you to settle into the swing of the tests. Remember too that the time you have available to take the tests is not likely to be an issue, if you have been using the BAMBOO online resources, you'll probably know the correct answer to most of the questions straight away, some questions you may need to figure out, but generally you're likely to finish with time to spare.

Being ON Time

If you are under pressure before the test due to risking being late, this could make you more nervous. Our advice is to do a reconnisance mission a day or so before your test, ideally go at around the same time of day so you're likely to encounter similar delays and hold ups etc. and of course, you'll know exactly where you are going.

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