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Theory Test - On The Day Of Your Test - What To Take With You...

You will need to take several items with you to your test. It's best to get these ready on the day before your test so that you know that everything is ready on the day. Consider putting everything into a single envelope ready to take with you. If you think it will help, leave yourself a note - perhaps by or even on the front door to remind you to take your documents. You should do anything you can do to reduce the risk of not being able to find a document or forgetting some of your documents.

If you've got everything ready and avoided a last minute panic, then you're off to a good start.

What MUST I take

The documents that you MUST take to the test centre are

  • drivers licence - photocard
  • drivers licence - paper counterpart
  • your theory test pass certificate

You should also think about...

Some other things that might be worth getting ready and in a convenient place so they're not forgotten, include

  • glasses or contact lenses if you need them
  • travel passes / fares (to and from the centre)
  • appropriate clothing - in case it's cold or raining etc.
  • any medication that you may need e.g. inhaler etc.

Remember, it's best to have these things prepared and ready to go, trying to find something when in a panic always seems to be harder than finding it when you've got plenty of time.

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