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Theory Test - Multiple Choice Test Preparation - Online Theory Test Practice...

Want to pass your theory test? Wouldn't it be great if before taking the test, you could take time to practice? That's what BAMBOO Driver Training offers with this FREE online theory test App. You don't need to be a BAMBOO pupil to get the App. And the Theory Test App is free. This is a huge help when preparing for your theory test. The system is so much like the real thing and the questions are worded in a similar way, and at a similar level of difficulty. So the system really helps to give you the edge when it comes to taking the real theory test.

The material used in the App is not the material used on the test itself, but is intended to give you realistic practice using material to the same standard.

How can I access the system?

Just click on the image This will provide full unrestricted access.

What if I'm not a BAMBOO pupil?

That's no problem, just click on the image and get the App for free.

  • gives unlimited practice
  • gets you used to the style of the test
  • easy for you to see your progress
  • gives you some idea of when you'll be ready to take the test

How much does it cost?

Full access is free to all.

Why do you give it to non customers?

We're happy to give access to people who are not training with us for two reasons, firstly, we hope that our generosity will bring some people to train with us who otherwise wouldn't have done, and secondly, by offering free access, it means that some of our pupils get the chance to get their friends to use the system for free.

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